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Project Summary

NetWebScript is an IL to JavaScript compiler. It allows to write complex web application in C# or any other .Net language.


Key features

  • Transform any .Net language code into cross-browser JavaScript
    • All languages features can be supported (generics, delegates, lambdas, linq)
    • Support of standard .Net classes and libraries (partial a this time)
    • Access to JavaScript specific objects (comes with server side implementation)
    • Code that works both on server and in the browser
  • Take avantage of all great .Net developpement tools for you browser side applications
    • IntelliSense
    • Refactoring, References analysis
    • Build time errors
    • Documentation generation
    • Code Contracts, FxCop
    • etc.
  • Debug your application in Visual Studio in the orginal code
    • Run your application in any browser, add a break point in Visual Studio
    • Browse effective objects
  • Make Unit Test using Visual Studio (or nunit)
    • Run your tests in many browsers at once, and get the result in Visual Studio
  • Seamless remoting between browser and client (using XHR)
    • Simply mark a method to run on server, serialization and request are done automaticly


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