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Not all .Net code can be converted into JavaScript due to JavaScript limitations and to NetWebScript implementations.
  • "unsafe" code (pointers etc.) is not supported.
  • "struct", aka value types, are not supported, and cannot be made script available.
  • "extern" is not supported.
  • Generic methods into an interface is not supported.
  • Int64/UInt64 (long, unsigned long) are not supported as JavaScript cannot handle properly such "large" numbers.

Note: Limitations to "unsafe", "struct" and "extern" in existing code can be solved using script equivalent types.

Limitations to be solved in future versions :
  • Integers overflows are not yet "simulated"

API Limitations

  • System.Reflection is not, and will not be supported, to limit footprint of generated JavaScript.
  • Most APIs have no script equivalent at this time, and thus cannot be yet used into script available types.

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